Do Edibles Expire

Do Edibles Expire? Here Are the Key Facts You Must Know!

Have you just found a great deal on Delta 8 for sale and are tempted to buy lots of edibles? Yes, that may be your initial thought, but then you think: how long do weed gummies last? Are they just like regular products, with expiration dates, or does added THC and CBD somehow make them edibles with long shelf life?  

In this article, we will give you clear facts you can trust. As specialists in producing marijuana candies, chocolate and other edibles, we know how long edibles stay good for you. We are not just producers of cannabis products; we are also big fans of these products. Thus, whenever we see a question such as: do THC edibles go bad? – we know the answer.

The short answer is yes. Apart from CBD or THC, edibles contain food ingredients that will expire after a period of time. Yet, there are more aspects to consider when answering a question like “when do edibles expire?” The answer depends on several factors, which we will present below.

Do edibles go bad – the answer depends on the type of CBD or THC edibles and the way you store them.
You can maximize the shelf life of edibles with proper storage

Can Edibles Expire? Factors Affecting Edibles Shelf Life

There are several factors which affect how long edible gummies last. How you store them is probably the number one factor. Improper storage can make brownies and gummies go bad even before their expiration date. Sunlight, humidity and warm temperature together are the three biggest threats to all kinds of foods. They create the perfect breeding ground for mold and fungi.

If you ask – can edibles go bad at room temperature? – the answer depends on the kind of edible you have in mind. THC chocolate, brownies, cookies and gummies can be kept at room temperature, in a dry and dark place. But CBD and THC drinks, sauces or condiments, should be kept in the fridge. And, at any rate, they have a shorter shelf life than other edibles (5-7 days).

Hard candy, lollipops and gummies have the longest shelf life. So, the answer to “do edible gummies go bad” is yes, but you can maximize their shelf life with due care.

Shelf Life Factors Depending on Type of Edibles

As explained above, there are some edibles that have an inherently shorter shelf life. They are comparable to the usual shelf life of the same product minus the THC oil or distillate in them. When you ask: do weed brownies go bad? – consider the average cooky or muffin. The same storage conditions should be used, and you should expect a similar shelf life.

Usually, the more processed a cannabis product is, the longer its shelf life is. See the example above with the hard candy and lollipop. However, you should always trust your instinct. Whenever you see that a CBD or THC product has changed its color, smell or taste, you should not eat it. It does not matter how long weed brownies last in theory, the practical answer you have is yes – your edibles have gone bad.

Can edibles expire – the answer is yes and it also depends on the ingredients used in the edibles.
The type of ingredients influence the shelf life of edibles

Can Edibles Go Bad? Storage Tips to Maximize Their Shelf Life

As we have explained above, storage conditions are the key if you want to enjoy each type of edible until its maximum expiration date. First of all – can edibles expire if you take them out of their original package? The answer is yes, and also faster than they are supposed to.

Packaging for each type of hemp product is designed to keep it safe from contamination and preserve all its properties for as long as possible. So, the number one advice for keeping your edibles good to eat for as long as possible is this: keep them in their original packaging.

Here are other helpful tips:

Beginners and Light Users Should Choose Products with a Longer Shelf Life

If you are only taking hemp-derived edibles occasionally or you have just begun trying these products, start with gummies and hard candy. They have a great taste and a longer shelf life than other edibles. We know, we already answered yes to “do edible CBD or THC gummies go bad?” but there’s a big difference between a 1-week shelf life and a 3 to 6-month shelf life.

Yes, with proper storage, your gummies can last up to half a year and still give you the effects you are looking for.

Check the Shelf Life of Ingredients If You Prepare Your Edibles

Many people buy CBD oil or distillate to make their own cookies, brownies or chocolate. In this case, the answer to “how long are edibles good for?” depends on the type of ingredients and the time until their expiration date. 

Always choose basic ingredients with longer expiration dates and you will be able to enjoy your edibles for a longer time, as well.

Store Unused Edibles in the Fridge or Freezer

Contrary to various myths cannabis compounds do not lose their properties after freezing. However, you should store them in an unopened original package, so they do not absorb moisture and the smells of other foods.

Can edibles go bad – without careful storage, they can become unsafe to eat before their expiration
You can cook some brownies or buy edibles with a longer shelf life

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