How Much Delta 8 should I Take?

Discover How to Dose Hemp Products with This Delta 8 Dosage Chart

Many people look for Delta 8 for sale because they feel that the effects of Delta 9 are too potent. But what is the correct Delta 8 dosage? Does THC dosage work the same as CBD? Can anyone recommend the ideal Delta 8 first time dose for a beginner? This is exactly what this article is about. We want to offer you a complete and helpful Delta 8 dosage guide and chart, so that every time you try a new weed product you know the exact dosage to try.As hemp enthusiasts and producers of in-house formulas, we know everything about Delta 8 dosage for beginners and for experienced users, who take it on a regular basis. Please remember that this article is for informational purposes only. We want to help everyone get started safely and enjoy the benefits of THC without any negative side effects, so we encourage our visitors to consult a medical doctor prior to starting using hemp products.

What is a good dose of Delta 8 THC (flower like this) to take depends on many factors
The ideal Delta 8 dose depends on the type of product.

Is Delta Dosage the Same as CBD Dosage?

Some people experimented with CBD before trying Delta products. They feel that if they know their “lucky number” for CBD dosage, they can use the same for the Delta 8 edible or tincture dosage. In reality, things are not as easy as this.

CBD and Delta 8 are different. Delta 8 contains THC, which gives a different sensation. Even if you tried CBD, you are still considered a beginner when it comes to Delta 8 dose for pain or relaxation. CBD is not psychoactive – it does not act on the same parts of the nervous system and does not cause changes in the perception of sensory information.

Delta 8 is psychoactive, thus the CBD dosage you usually take is irrelevant when you want to determine the right Delta 8 dosage. For this reason, we encourage even if you are an experienced CBD user, we recommend you to keep reading this article and find out: how much Delta 8 should I take?

The Basic Delta 8 Dosage Chart

Due to the small amounts necessary, the Delta 8 dosage guide is not expressed in gram, but in milligram. It is important to make careful measurements, because only a little piece of gummy can contain a lot of Delta THC. The Delta 8 THC dosage calculator will be detailed later on in this article.

For now, the standard dosage chart is as follows:

  • 1st tier – low tolerance (beginners): 15 mg per serving
  • 2nd tier – medium tolerance (moderate users): 15-45 mg per serving
  • 3rd tier – high tolerance (experienced users): 45 – 150 mg per serving.

This will give you a general answer about your possible Delta 8 gummies dosage. However, there are several other factors to take into consideration, all related to your particular characteristics. For example, it depends on your weight as well.

Just like with alcohol, Delta 8 is absorbed in the body at different rates depending on the body mass. Thus, a more detailed Delta 8 dosage chart is the following:

WeightMild Effects Potent Effects
80 lbs (35 kg)5 mg15 mg
100 lbs (45 kg)6 mg20 mg
120 lbs (55 kg)8 mg2 mg
140 lbs (65 kg)9 mg32 mg
160 lbs (72 kg)10 mg26 mg
180 lbs (82 kg)12 mg40 mg
200 lbs (90 kg)13 mg45 mg
220 lbs (100 kg)14 mg50 mg
240 lbs (108 kg)15 mg54 mg
260 lbs (118 kg)17 mg60 mg

Another important factor in the Delta 8 dosage guide is the method of consumption. Here is what you need to know:

Delta 8 Tincture Dosage

Tincture is applied under the tongue with the dropper and absorbed into the bloodstream by the tiny blood vessels located there. A standard dosage is 20 mg to 40 mg. Here is how to use the Delta 8 dosage calculator: You divide the amount of Delta 8 per bottle by the number of milliliters, and this gives you the answer to: how much Delta 8 should I take? However, you don’t have to make this effort. Most producers offer Delta 8 tincture with a 1-milliliter dropper, which represents a single serving. For this reason, tincture is the easiest Delta 8 THC product to dose.

A safe Delta 8 dosage for beginners is easier to achieve if you start using tincture (on the picture)
Always start with Delta 8 products that are easy to dose.

Delta 8 Vape Dosage

Vapes are also quite easy and convenient to use. The Delta 8 first time dose should be 1 to 3 puffs. A standard serving represents 1 to 5 puffs, while experienced users can usually take up to 10 puffs one time.

If you are new to Delta 8, it is recommended to wait several minutes after the first puff. If you do not believe you experience the effects, take the second and (if needed) the third one.

Delta 8 Gummy Dosage

The Delta 8 edible dosage is also easy, even for beginners. Gummies contain between 10 mg and 40 mg per piece (you will find the precise quantity printed on the packaging). If you’ve never used Delta 8 THC before, 10 mg is the amount to start with. You should wait around 2 hours before the effects kick in. 

In time, you will learn how many gummies to take to get the desired effect.

Delta 8 Capsules Dosage

Just like with edibles, Delta 8 dosage for beginners is easy to calculate if you are trying capsules. The label contains all the information you need (milligrams per capsule). Generally speaking, one capsule contains one serving of Delta 8.

Hemp Flower Dosage

Delta 8 flower is more difficult to dose for beginners. The flower is infused with Delta 8 THC distillate and not in a perfectly even manner. Thus, for first time users, it may be tricky to determine how many mg of Delta 8 you need when smoking flower.

In general, you should start with 1-2 puffs and wait for about 20 minutes to see how your body responds.

Weighting to evaluate how many mg of Delta 8 you need

Can You Suffer a Delta 8 Overdose?

Delta 8 is half as potent as Delta 9, and does not have its side effects. However, if you exceed the Delta 8 dosage, you may experience:

  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Mild unease.

Even though it has milder side effects, you should strive to stick to the Delta 8 gummies dosage or vape dosage. In many cases the right dosage depends on other factors, such as alcohol consumption and whether you’ve had a heavy meal.

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